Our research and development department, with its experienced scientists, is here to meet your needs.

It handles creation, experimentation, industrial transposition and support for your products through to marketing.

Research and development department

a state-of-the-art team

The R&D team can count on modern, high-performance equipment to validate your project’s industrial feasibility:

  • A test mixer (technology identical to industrial mixers)
  • A development tablet press
  • Capsule development equipment

Creating value for your products

Everything is done to secure and create value for the development of your products:

  • Regulatory support
  • Sourcing for raw materials
  • Development of formulas and processes
  • Pilot batches
  • Industrialization, Primary and Secondary Packaging

Each request is studied to meet your needs as closely as possible

Quality control

Multiple quality controls can be carried out at our laboratory upon simple request. We can also help you in your stability studies. The entire process is carried out under the watchful eye of our regulatory department. Our scientific monitoring keeps the available offers and market trends up to date.


32 Rue des Bois de ville F – 85260 L’HERBERGEMENT, FRANCE

Tel: +33 (0) 2 51 43 34 78


CODILAB, Rue de la Fontaine – 85260 L’HERBERGEMENT, FRANCE

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