With a range of
very high-performance machines,

we have a mastery of the complex technologies used in the health food market. We provide you with all of our expertise to offer a wide range of quality products.

our know-how is recognized in:


Dietary supplements


  • Dietary supplements
  • Confiseries

Animal nutrition

Animal nutrition

  • Food supplements
  • Dietary supplements

Organic products

Organic products

  • Ecocert certified



    Technologies and galenic forms

    Technology: Dry mixing, Impregnation

    Format :

    • 4-seam sachet

    • 3-seam sachet

    • Jar

    Technology: Effervescent, chewable, oro-dispersibleFormat: With or without film coating
    • Flat
      ø 5 to 25mm

    • Round convex
      ø 10 to 18mm

    • Scored
      ø 20 to 25mm

    • Oblong
      Several dimensions

    • Stick
      21 X 7,5mm

    • Other formats
      upon request

    Technology: film coating, sugar coating

    Technology: All origins (plants, animal or marine gelatin, etc.)Format :
    • T0

    • T1

    • Other formats upon request

    A quality certified

    At the heart of CODILAB’s concerns, the quality system ensures that your production complies with your specifications while ensuring compliance with regulations, safety and traceability for all operations.

    Our qualified teams work in a safe, secured environment guaranteeing the Good Manufacturing Practices applicable to dietary supplements.

    Safety and traceability

    • Member
    • Regulatory monitoring
    • Analytical and microbiological expertise
    • Computerized management of upstream
      and downstream traceability via ERP
    • Quality system defined for all
      of our processes from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished products
    • Quality control during manufacturing
      according to customer specifications
    • Quality control for finished product release
      according to customer specifications
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Raw Materials and Finished Product Sample Library
    • Waste management (cardboard/plastic sorting)
    • Gathering and reusing biowaste

    Human nutrition

    • ISO 22000 including HACCP steps
    • Preparator and manufacturer committed to organic certification ECOCERT

    Animal nutrition

    • Registration under the decree of 28 February 2000 under the number FR 85 108 001 for pets
    • Registration of activity in the animal feed sector under EC Regulation No 185/2003

    Waste management (Sorting cartons / plastics) collection and recovery of bio waste


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    Tel: +33 (0) 2 51 43 34 78


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