CODILAB is located at a crossroads

on the roads and the expressway between LA ROCHE SUR YON (25 min) and NANTES (30 min). In the heart of the Vendée countryside, which is recognized for its dynamic economy.


CODILAB works with well-known players in road transport in France and abroad.

All of our raw materials and all of our packagings are identified and addressed in our ERP.

Dedicated storage areas by product typology (organic, sensitive, allergenic and conventional products).

Large storage capacity of your raw materials and packaging items.


32 Rue des Bois de ville F – 85260 L’HERBERGEMENT, FRANCE

Tel: +33 (0) 2 51 43 34 78


CODILAB, Rue de la Fontaine – 85260 L’HERBERGEMENT, FRANCE

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