Modern equipment

at our packaging unit provides us with greater flexibility for large and small runs alike. It handles creation, experimentation, industrial transposition and support for your products through to their market launch.


  • Tube packaging of tablets with a 16 ø 25mm diameter
  • Blister packaging (tablets, capsules, soft capsules)
  • Carton packaging for 2 or 3 tubes with 1 to 6 blister packs (depending on the format)
  • Pillboxes, jars (tablets, capsules, soft capsules), labelling and sleeving possible
  • Flowpack packaging
  • Sachet packaging for tablets (1 to 12 tablets depending on the format) and capsules
  • Bulk packaging on request. Batching possible. (banding, shrink film)


32 Rue des Bois de ville F – 85260 L’HERBERGEMENT, FRANCE

Tel: +33 (0) 2 51 43 34 78


CODILAB, Rue de la Fontaine – 85260 L’HERBERGEMENT, FRANCE

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